Who are we?

Penguin Success is a Lisbon-based
distributed computing startup

What do we offer?

The way information and IT services.
Distributed Computing.
Geographically distributed resources.

Focus on
the technologies
systems and languages we use:


Who We Are?

Penguin Success is a Lisbon-based distributed computing startup specialized in providing digital solutions related to leasing businesses. Our startup’s services are structured around dedicated web service solutions missions. They are aimed at all the structural, functional departments of financial institutions working in the field of leasing.

The Portuguese economy is pro-start-up oriented. Portugal is at the forefront of Europe, a central position for investment in the European market. In the Portuguese capital there is a large network of incubators, accelerators, coworking spaces and technology centers.

Penguin Success chose to create and install its business in Lisbon in the last quarter of 2019 to take advantage of all these special features and this vibrant ecosystem.

This creation follows the finding that no innovative offer existed on the market to simply and effectively help, leasing financial institutions to manage their functional needs in terms of direct variable remuneration policy and anticipating the accounting statement of risk through provisions.

The company's founder's

The company’s founder’s significant experience in leasing, distributed computing and our feedback on competitive analysis convinced us, during 2020, to embark on the adventure and design and implement the first web services workflows for financial institutions.

It was first necessary to reinvent the way in which digital solutions were designed as functionalities to support operational and steering processes, with our knowledge of the leasing business lines, and then to create a flexible system, a mapping of web services, allowing each financial institution to maximize its performance at a lower cost.

Reinvent the way

Today, Penguin Success offers an extensive range of services and modern and innovative IT tools to help and support Leasing’s financial institutions in their development and strategy implementation.

Led by a team of experienced and high-level IT developers, all with over 10 years of experience in the Software Engineer, Penguin Success benefits from their customer experience with major financial players, across Europe, North and South America.

Big data Databases
Data Count ...

Their areas of excellence are: Architecture, Big data, Databases and Data Count, Cloud computing, Micro-services, Systems Management, Communications, Transactions, Process Automation.

We also have the PMO Consultant skills to help you improve and facilitate project management. Its role is to help you put in place a reliable process, good practices, and measures of evolution of your project.

His areas of expertise are: Project management, best practices for reliable processes, personalized support, resource planning, people management and motivation, operational action plan

How do we define our service delivery philosophy?

  • Cooperation and Integration.
  • Freedom of innovation and determination to meet challenges.
  • Proximity and Partner Satisfaction.
  • Multicultural and Interactions

What We Offer

The way information and IT services are managed has evolved considerably. We chose Distributed Computing, made possible by the widespread use of high-speed broadband networks and the constantincrease in computing power.

Today Geographically distributed resources are interconnected and can be exploited by many users as a single resource. Repetitive or resource-intensive computer tasks are therefore outsourced.

The data is processed by software stored remotely on a “cloud” that benefits from powerful remote computer networks.

Users and resources are linked in a transparent, open, economical, reliable and scalable manner.

Finally, physical, and virtual resources are to be shared, as well as operating systems, tasks and applications.

Here in a few lines our framework, on which we design functionalities distributed in Webservices for the leasing business.

We use cloud computing technology (AWS) because it provides ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access to a shared network and a set of configurable, manageable IT resources. (availability of all types of cloud, public, private, hybrid)

Remaining in the same logic of deployment, our operating model is under Saas, Software as a Service. Because this software perfectly meets the needs of our customers: fast, dynamic, multi-site, multi-device, and less expensive implementation. (no license to acquire)

The integration is then done through a Paas-type application platform, which provides the complementary bricks allowing your applications and our Saas Micro Services solutions to dialogue with each other.

This system aims to be secure and efficient in order to guarantee better reliability and data availability.

Our applications based on this model were therefore natively designed for Internet access.

We provide you with a unique digital platform of intuitive services to enable you to meet the demands of your business, your partners and your customers by providing them with the right response.

Focus on the technologies

Focus on the technologies/ systems and languages we use:

Cloud AWS
Netflix FeignClient, Eureka, Netflix OSS, Spring Cloud Gateway